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The golden age of New Orleans cabaret comes alive at night at Mag’s 940 Theater and Woody Allen, who regularly appears to jam with the Eddy Davis New Orleans jazz band. Music has been an essential part of Mag’s, and it is on spectacular display since its debut.

Seating up to 90 for a performance, the club offers a unique intimate space. At Mag’s 940, guests experience and engage in the lost language of elegance and sophistication. As the New Orleans bastion of classic cabaret entertainment, Mag’s completes the NOLA experience.

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[gdlr_quote align=”center” ]Mag’s is the Coolest place on earth!.[/gdlr_quote]

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  • Lady O.

    “Apparently, Mag’s is a gay bar, but I gotta say, in comparison to the ones in NYC, this place is downright classy and low-key :::shrugs:::”in 4 reviews

  • Lindsey R.

    “Princess Stephanie chatted with us for the better part of an hour while a few local regulars wandered in and out.” in 3 reviews

  • Anna H.

    “Then things started looking up: First, the tap beer is only $2.50.” in 2 reviews

  • Mark S.



    Princess hates me
    We had a great time that night on our pub crawl Monday night!!!

    Deb S.
    • Tempe, AZ


    2 check-ins

    We stopped into this neighborhood gem twice on our last visit. Halloween night the place was hopping with costumed characters and dynamite bartenders – great recommendations y’all. Second night was loaded entertainment – a freaky sideshow. There are just some things you can’t unsee my friends. But good drinks, and a friendly welcoming vibe to all. Visited with the owner one night, but he didn’t even recognize us the second night. C’est la vie.



    This is a great place if your gay, straight, alien or whatever!!  My wife and I our friends just got home after a 4 day stay in NOLA.  We stayed in a VRBO close by and everyday we had a stop at MAG’S.

    Make sure you stop by when Princess Stephanie is working. Her drinks are delicious.  Try the Mojitos!

    • Jamie S.


      1 check-in

      delicious thai basil and coconut cocktail, with a side of free comedy from the sassy bartender

    • Colby M.



      John is the friendliest happiest bartender I’ve ever met! I stopped in on a whim and was so happy I did!

    • Anna H.
      • Anna H.
      • Mid-City, New Orleans, LA


      My office just moved to the neighborhood and this past Wednesday we figured we should check out the local watering hole. My first impression was that the space was dark, and could easily become really smoky depending on the patrons. Neither huge plus-es. Then things started looking up:

      First, the tap beer is only $2.50. All the time. Screw happy hour, this is AWESOME. The beer mugs were literally icy and the draft (Rolling Rock and Amber) was excellent.

      Then, the people. Everyone we met was the height of polite, welcoming, friendly, and such. Everyone was excited to welcome us to the neighborhood. Everyone introduced themselves. The owner came over and introduced himself because he didn’t recognize us and ended up sending us a bottle of champagne to celebrate our arrival in the hood.

      Beyond the whole alcohol thing, they have a variety of neighborhood events, from meetings to performances to bluegrass night. They’re obviously a staple of their neighborhood, and it felt good to be included.

      Great (cheap) beer, full bar (with more liquor options than you can shake a stick at), creative cocktail specials, local fixture. After all, what else do you want out of your neighborhood joint?

      • Booky M.



        I couldn’t love this place more.  The staff was amazing and the drinks were prices just right! Princess Stephanie is the best!

      • Lindsey R.


        Mag’s was great! We stayed at a guesthouse just a building away from this bar and wandered in midday on our Friday visiting New Orleans.
        They are dog friendly during the day, a must for us since our two pups travel everywhere with us. They had treats for the dogs and cheap beverages for the adults. Their specials were fun and super-customizable.
        It was always a strange feeling to ask for to-go cups for drinks, but was a fun novelty in NOLA!
        Princess Stephanie chatted with us for the better part of an hour while a few local regulars wandered in and out. Everyone was friendly and funny with good stories and recommendations. This is such an awesome neighborhood bar for locals, I’m a bit jealous!

      • Alex X.


        Okay, was new to NOLA then and ended up wandering to this bar. The owner was sooo nice and so were the bartenders there! Made me feel right at home! I just needed free wifi to do my employment search and they were really cool. 😉 Hope everyone is doing well there! Thanks for the  Southern Hospitality!

      • Sera F.



        MATTY! This one is for you babe! I think everyone who has come here are either loyal neighborhood fans or touristas with some attitude, and zest for life!

        Dramatics, No! Hysterics YES! Warming up and letting go, “Oh don’t you know.” In the south they know how to party and…Does Mag’s know how to wooo you with their drag shows.. (if you know what I mean…..) These ladies definitely did a one/two numba! Yeow!

        and while Matt took care of Birthday boy and the friends he definitely flavored my pallet with not too sugary but definitely tasty concoctions! $4 drinks all night with god knows what, but it definitely helped with the loss of memory later on.

        When I return, you know where I’ll be wanting to re-visit!  The coolest place off frenchmen, but of course.

      • Persimmon V.


        2 check-ins

        Fantastic bar!  The owner is wonderful and he and his staff took SUCH great care of us.  We were there for our friend’s 40th birthday….this was the place we’d start in the morning before walking into town and where we’d stop for a nightcap and a little dancing before bed each night.

      • Bryan S.


        1 check-in

        Went here for a fundraiser, was surprised that they had plenty of space to host the event.. Plenty of tables and drinks were reasonably priced.. Stage was able to well accommodate the entertainment.

      • Lady O.


        Listed in I like beer mugs and I cannot lie…, N’awlins for New Yorkers

        This is the cool-ass neighborhood bar next door to our B&B, who sold us $4 bottled Abitas (TurboDog, Wheat, Amber, Purple Haze and Restoration Ale) everyday and night, no questions asked, without making us feel guilty about our Abita addiction or for missing the weekly drag-queen show (but I have a feeling we’ll be back).

        Apparently, Mag’s is a gay bar, but I gotta say, in comparison to the ones in NYC, this place is downright classy and low-key :::shrugs:::

      • Marion I.


        Lucky me, I got to stay at this cool B&B and found this interesting bar right next door.
        I discovered a rip in one of my blouses as I unpacked,  borrowed a sewing kit from my host,   walked right next door to John Paul’s to get a drink and to do some sewing and checking it out.
        I requested a “Welcome to New Orleans” drink, it came with a little umbrella, very New Orleans and was quite good, took my edge off the travel buzz.
        Next thing I was talking to everybody in this friendly and attractive place and got invited to the drag shows on Friday and Saturday by this very attractive man sitting next to me who happened to do drag in the shows.
        Life is good…. I will come back!

      • Athena K.



        Went here while in New Orleans at a conference. I’d have to agree with Dan R, this place isn’t quite a gay bar. But still awesome – getting a bloody mary is like getting a great drink with a huge antipasto salad on top. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many accouterments on a bloody mary before.

      • Melissa H.


        2 check-ins First to Review

        Love this place.  I totally agree with Dan R.’s review.  Though it is a “gay bar” it has a mix of everyone.  The regulars are great and they never treat a newcomer like an outsider.

        For a fun night just to hang with a couple of friends its great.  Nonetheless if you still want to hit the Quarter you can because you are not far.


        • Sean O.



          There are a LOT of bars in New Orleans. There are a lot of gay bars in New Orleans.  Mag’s is a standout in both categories.  No wait, I don’t want to categorize it at all – it’s simply a great bar.
          While the clientele are mostly older gentlemen, they are friendliest bunch of guys anyone of any persuasion could hope to meet. But it’s certainly not exclusive; plenty of straights get their kicks here too.

          My fiancee and I first popped in here on a whim while staying in the Marigny a couple years ago.  We made friends with just about everyone in the joint, closed the bar at 4am and were encouraged to come back at noon for the Saints game. Projection screen on the stage, free food, great bloody mary’s and free TD jello shots for the Who Dat Nation.  Awesome.

          We just moved to the NOLA area 2 months ago, and have only managed to get back to JP’s once – but that was country western dance night.  Yeah, you read that right. Again, made several more friends and had a wonderful time. Did I mention the $5 all you can drink tap beer and no cover?

          With so many to choose from, Mag’s gets the distinction of being one of our absolute favorite places in the Crescent City.
          Next time we’ll be sure to catch a Saturday night drag show.

        • Shannon G.



          The nicest people ever! My friend wanted to see a drag show for her bachelorette party and the maid of honor was refereed to Mag’s, I am so glad we went. We had a great time, the show was lots of fun, John Paul and everyone there was so friendly and nice and made us feel so welcome!



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